The Seriously Weird History of Democracy


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The Seriously Weird History of Democracy is designed as an overview history that examines the story of democracy from Ancient Greece to the Modern Day. It is essentially an attempt to explain in simple but lively language how democracy, rule by the people – came about. It is about the long struggles with words and swords that eventually broke the control of tyrannies. Special emphasise is put on Australian developments as part of this 2,000 year old story.

Chap 1. Born Free in Ancient Athens

Chap 2. The Dark Ages and The Flickering Feudal Light.

Chap 3. Monarch by Act of God or Act of Parliament.

Chap 4. ‘We, the People…’

Chap 5. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and a Little Bit of Terror.

Chap 6. Everyone is equal but…’

Chap 7. The New Improved Britannia

Chap 8. Miners’ Rights

Chap 9. Improving the Improvement

Chap 10. ‘We will bury you.’