In the class room

The Australian National History Curriculum is just around the corner. One key requirement of the NHC is that an Overview be provided for students – a sequential narrative that links the topics together and provides coherence, relevance and intellectual challenge for students. The Seriously Weird series does just that.

As teachers we all know what sort of classroom we want. We want our students to have a knowledge and understanding of the human story. We want them to be critical and competent thinkers who will develop skills of independent research. Above all, we want our students to be engaged and excited by learning.

All this requires a good teacher. It also requires a text that is written in a lively interesting style. This series of books provides students with a narrative that engages, questions that challenge and cartoons that delight.

This series has been successfully used by teachers from year 5 to year 10. They usually begin by reading the appropriate book ‘at a gallop’ with their class. Then, as the narrative raises all the key questions in an intriguing way, the book is reread to promote debate and class or individual research.

The study of History should be vigorous and rigorous. With the Seriously Weird History series, it can also be engaging and enjoyable for your class.

We have been using Doug Bradby’s Seriously Weird History of Australia, Volume 1, as a keystone text for our integrated inquiry of Australian History. The students are finding the text exciting and motivating, and I’m loving the activities at the end of each chapter! Having Doug visit at the end of the term was a huge highlight, and his engaging presentation to the students is still being talked about in our class!

Rebecca Ryan

Castlemaine North Primary School.