AH – HA!

Over 10,000 Seriously Weird books have been sold in the last decade, mainly at Sovereign Hill, Ballarat, to home schoolers, and to interested children, parents and grandparents. A HOMESTUDY AID was also sold separately.

NOW the HOMESTUDY AID will be provided FREE for every book purchased.

The HOMESTUDY AID will provide a hundred thought provoking questions and dozens of activities for every chapter of the book.

Examine the two samples to see how the vigorous and rigorous writing of the Seriously Weird book, combined with the quirky and insightful questions and tasks of the HOMESTUDY AID, will ensure that learning the human story is always an intriguing, thought provoking, delight.

Title of Seriously Weird Book Suitable for Years Book KIndle
The History of Australia Volume 1. 50,00 B.C.E. to 1900 5 and 6 Yes No
The History of the Goldfields 5 and 6 Yes No
Don’t Go to the Goldfields 5 and 6 Yes Yes
Sail or Steam; The Race to the Goldfields 5 and 6 Yes Yes
The Ancient World 7 Yes Yes
The History of Democracy 8 and 9 No Yes
The History of Australia Volume 2. 1901 + 9 Yes No