Class Set x5 – Don’t Go to the Goldfields.


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A parent’s passionate plea to his children not to risk their lives on a dangerous journey to the Antipodes in a foolish and futile search for gold. Complete with a dispassionate evaluation of the arguments as advanced by Obadiah Entwistle.

The Dangerous Contents. 

Letter from Obadiah Entwistle to his children, Daniel, Walter and Sarah. 

  1. The Journey to Australia.
    Have you any idea how far it is to Australia?’
  2. The road to the Diggings.
    You could be attacked by an ostrich or a kangaroo in that weird land.’3.  What do you know about Mining?
    The bucket will fall on your head!’
    4. The Diggers.
    Virtually all men, and a wild bunch of ruffians at that.’
    5.  The Diggeresses.
    The goldfields are no place for a lady.
    6.  Little Diggers.
    Is Yackandandah a suitable place to bring up children?’
    7. Defusing Dangerous, Digger, Disputes.
    We warn you to keep right away from the Tipperary mob.’
    8.  A Dangerous Chartist and Democrat.
    You will get into trouble with the government.’
    9.  Unforeseeable, Unbelievable and Unexpected Dangers.
      ‘Your mother dreamt you were all injured by a stampeding elephant!’
    10.   When the Gold runs out.
    With no family or friends in the Antipodes who will look after you.’
    Epilogue. Why British Diggers became Australian Settlers.