Class Set x5 – The Seriously Weird History of the Goldfields


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This book provides a framework to understand the evolution of the Goldfields. it explores how mining changed over the 70 years from 1850 to 1920. It traces the changes that occurred in the nature of the mining community, particularly the impact of women, technology and the redistribution of wealth. The final section explore the impetus to Democracy that resulted from the goldrush.

Section A. The Development of Gold Mining.

Chap. 1. The Goldfields from 400 million Years ago to August 8th 1851.

Chap. 2. How to Separate Gold from Gravel.

Chap. 3. Who, Where and When Gold was Found.

Chap. 4 The Buried Rivers.

Chap. 5. The Very Deep Leads of Sebastopol, Redan and Ballarat West.

Chap. 6. Quartz Reefs.

Section B. Life on the Goldfields.

Chap. 7. Life on the Goldfields. 1851 – 1854. (Before Women)

Chap. 8. Life on the Goldfields. 1854 -1920.(With Women)

Chap. 9. The Naming of Places, Pubs and Mines.

Chap. 10. Letters, Newspapers, Art and Literature.

SECTION C. Problems on the Goldfields.

Chap. 11. Animals on the Goldfields.

Chap. 12. Unity and Disunity on the Goldfields.

Chap. 13. The Dangers of Mining.

Chap. 14. Poverty and Philanthropy on the Goldfields.

Section D. The Long Term Consequences of Gold Mining.

Chap. 15. Eureka.

Chap. 16. The Achievements of the Miners.