The Astonishing History of Ballarat Volume 2 1856-83


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The Story of the Deep Lead Miners of Ballarat

By 1855 the buried rivers of Ballarat East had been found, explored and exploited, but they were running out. Ballarat’s golden buried rivers seemed to be flowing westwards towards the lava flow of Ballarat West.

Did the buried rivers flow under that lava? Could the miners penetrate the basalt and find those rivers?  Was there be gold under Sturt Street, Redan and Sebastopol? Ballarat’s survival was in the balance.

‘It was the men who first went down below the blue rock who made the reputation of Ballarat.’ The Age 29/11/1860

The Contentious Content
(to get you thinking)

PART 1. 1856-60
1. Under the Township of Ballarat
2.  Under Sebastopol Hill
3. Battles under Lydiard Street
4. Patents and Patience
5. Uncertainties
6. The Problems of Progress
7. Treading Water
Reflections on a Golden Decade

PART 11. 1861-83
8. More than one Basket
9. Transition
10. The Boom Years
11.  The Inevitable
Sites of 84 mines mentioned in the book