The Seriously Weird History of Australia Vol 1


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This volume covers the period 1600 to 1900. It begins with the search for the Great South Land. It then examines the convict era, the explorers, the squatters, the gold miners the aboriginals, and concludes with Federation.

(Up to and including the start of the story)


Chap 1. It’s got to be there somewhere. Have another Captain Cook for it.
The Discovery of Australia.

Chap 2. A site out of sight.
The Convict Settlement.

Chap 3. The Inland Explorers and the Inland Revenue Inspectors.
The Explorers.

Chap 4. We came. We saw. We squatted.
The Squatters.

Chap 5. British Bulldogs and French Poodles.
The Other Colonies.

Chap 6. The People Rushes.
The Gold Rushes.

Chap 7. Wendouree! Wendouree!
The Aboriginals.

Chap 8. To the bank, to the bank, to the bank, bank, bank.
The Selectors.

Chap 9. Melbourne, Smelbourne.
The Cities.

Chap 10. One Brand New Nation.

Epilogue. The start of the story.