Wayzgoose – Ten Delightful Tales


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Wayzgoose – Ten Delightful Tales

Explore the joys of Bonfire night, Butchers Picnic and Wattle Day etc in the life of a community.. Some of these forgotten celebrations should be restored.


The Ten Delightful Tales series of booklets has a simple purpose. It  is designed to highlight the joys of community life in Ballarat’s over the last 170 years. 

Rain, hail or shine, parades, picnics, sports, monster meetings, rallies, carnivals, concerts, orations, fund raising events, school events, Ballarat’s irrepressible joie de vie, shines through in all these vibrant, joyful occasions. 

And to be blunt, at this point in our history, we need a large dose of optimism. Fortunately It was not hard to find joyous stories in Ballarat’s amazing history. Enjoy reading them with a cup of tea or coffee and a lovely piece of a favourite Ballarat recipe -raspberry coconut slice, often called Amy Johnson slice.